Dating Do’s and Don’ts for Bad Breath Issues

Bad BreathIf you have a hot date this weekend, there are many things to feel concerned about. What will you wear? Where should you go? Should you offer to pay? Should you go “dutch?” Will there be a goodnight kiss? If so, you might want to think about how your breath smells so you make the right impression. There are some definite dating do’s and don’ts if you want to avoid bad breath.

Do Brush and Floss your Teeth Before you Go Out

Okay, maybe this is obvious before any social interaction, but you may feel nervous and have a lot on your mind while getting ready for your big night out with someone you like. As your showering, shaving, or doing whatever it is you do to prepare, don’t forget to floss, brush, and rinse with an antibacterial
mouthwash. This will ensure that you’ll be off to a good start when you come face-to-face with the object of your affection.

Don’t Order the Liver and Onions

Or the garlic bread, or a cup of coffee with dessert, or anything that will remain on your breath long after you’ve finished consuming it. Certain foods and beverages taint your breath with foul odors for a temporary time, while your body digests.

Do Carry a Pack of Sugarless Gum

Chances are, if you’re worried about your breath, than your date is in the same boat thinking about the impression they are making. Offer them a piece of minty, sugar-free gum with xylitol, and take a piece for yourself. Xylitol traps bacteria and suffocates it, so some offensive odors will be obliterated. Gum also picks up food debris which is hanging around in your mouth, so you will feel clean, fresh, and ready to smooch.

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