Invisalign Has Many Advantages

Smile Girl LibraryAre you prepared for 2014 to come to a close? Are you feeling confident about all of the holidays coming up? Or will you be avoiding family pictures once again because of your lack of confidence in your smile? If you have a strong desire to straighten your teeth in the quickest and most incognito possible way, you could get started before 2015 is here. Fort Worth dentist, Dr. Bob Jing is happy to help patients out with Invisalign. Here are five reasons why this innovative and fast orthodontic alignment technique can help make this the last year of feeling embarrassed about your teeth.

Five Reasons to Consider Invisalign

1. Looking Good – When you become an Invisalign patient you’ll be sporting a new grin in roughly a year’s time. You will find many more reasons to smile when you suddenly feel comfortable in your social life, and perhaps even your romantic life. Straighter teeth can also lead to a greater rate of career success.

2. Clean and Healthy Smile: Crooked and overlapping teeth can be difficult to brush and floss. Bacteria can harbor in places that are completely unreachable, and cause decay that’s difficult to see and treat. Once you have orthodontic treatment and acquire even spacing, you will be able to ensure that your teeth are sparkling clean with a normal hygiene routine.

3. Say Adios to Bad Breath: Thanks to easier dental hygiene you’ll have be able to implement with your straight and evenly spaced teeth, you’re likely to have fresher breath. Most bad breath issues are caused by oral bacteria, so proper brushing and flossing will make you much more kissable.

4. Go Incognito: Invisalign utilizes clear alignment trays so that brackets and wires will not be a concern. You can straighten your teeth while maintaining a relatively normal appearance without a glaringly tin grin.

5. Finished in a Flash: Patients usually have a brand new and beautiful smile within a year of beginning treatment. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll be done, so don’t hesitate to consult with our dental team.

Consult with your Fort Worth General Dentist

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