Smile for Career Success, Says North Houston Dentist

Smiling at work GlassesAccording to Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) men go to the dentist less than women. This is due to reasons such as fear, embarrassment, not enough time, and simple pride. Since many men are motivated by career success, they might think twice about neglecting the dentist if they realized that a healthy, confident smile can translate into doing well in the work place. Fort Worth dentist, Dr. Bob Jing, will talk more about the importance of nice smiles on the job.

Getting the Job

Years ago, careers were different. Most people worked for one or two employers in their lifetime and they weren’t as concerned with personal appearance as a sign of success. Society has changed. People are more concerned with looks, and switching jobs every few years has become very common. Jobs are also scarce in the recent economy, and this leads to increased competition, especially for middle-aged men. For this reason, teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures, as well as orthodontic treatment are increasingly popular, as they might give an edge when trying to land a job or promotion.

Getting the Promotion

People who are in sales or customer service (any job where their duties consist primarily of phone time) are often instructed to smile while they’re talking to customers. Why? Sometimes referred to as the “smile and dial” approach, a broad smile can actually make a difference in the experience of the customer. Smiling can actually change the way your voice sounds, making it lighter and happier, which will then alter how the person on the other end of the phone feels about talking to you. Try smiling and talking on the phone at some point after reading this, and see if you pick up a change in how you sound.

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