Teeth Whitening is Not a New Pursuit

Smile Girl LibraryTeeth whitening has become a veritable art form. The most requested (and arguably easiest) cosmetic dental procedure, the pursuit for whiter teeth has become much more common. There’s no arguing that a brighter smile is a healthier and more youthful looking smile. As you look around at all of the white grins in your town, you may wonder, “When did everyone become so interested in teeth whitening?” Read on for a bit of teeth whitening history to see that people have been interested in the brightest possible smiles for many, many years.

Bright Smiles in Egypt

Unusual teeth whitening methods had to be tried in times when you couldn’t just drive up to the drugstore or make an appointment with your dentist. Ancient Egyptians tried a counter-intuitive mixture which was red wine-based. Unfortunately, they did not realize until further experimentation that the tannins which make wine red cause far more stains than any possible benefit from whitening with alcohol. Perhaps they should have considered Pinot Grigio instead?

Friends, Romans, and Bright Smiles

You might be shocked when you hear what the Romans came up with for teeth whitening: uric acid. If you don’t catch our drift with the clinical term, we’re talking about actual urine. The surprising truth is, this actually would work, in theory, because of the ammonia naturally occurring in human waste. This must be why the wealthiest members of Roman society went so far as importing urine from all over the world.

Modern Day Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter whitening products aren’t guaranteed to offer you results, though you can certainly find many options in your town. If you really want whitening results, our dental team has two great options. Through Dr. Jing, you will have access to professional grade bleaching materials to whiten on your own at home. If you want even faster results, Zoom! teeth whitening relies on bleaching gel activated by laser light and is implemented in the 7 Day Dental Center office.

Consult with your Fort Worth General Dentist

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