Promote Jawbone Density for Dental Implant Success

Older Folks EatingDo you have missing permanent teeth? It doesn’t matter how you lost your pearly whites. Most likely, you’re going to want the best possible quality replacements available. Dental implants are considered your most natural current option in terms of restoring both the form and function of lost teeth. Unfortunately, when you are missing teeth for a long time, you can also end up with depletion of your jawbone tissues. This vicious cycle of dental misfortune will cause the need for a bone graft before you make a viable candidate for dental implants. Fortunately, researchers at the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) in Castellón had this in mind when they started developing a new implant coating that can replenish bone density while you heal from implant surgery.

Recovering Jawbone Density

People who have low-bone density cannot receive biocompatible titanium dental implants until they achieve ample bone density. The root replacements simply won’t be stable enough to withstand usage and time. A bone graft can require two months of recovery before implants and crowns should even be considered. Julio José Suay, coordinator of Polymers and Advanced Materials, is in charge of this research, and says, “(The procedure) consists on covering the implant with a biodegradable coating that, upon contact with the bone, dissolves and during this degradation process is able to release silicon compounds and other bioactive molecules which induce bone generation.”

Incredible Coating for Dental Implants

Scientists at Jaume I and the University of the Basque Country are currently working with a company called Ilerimplant SL. The team is working on a prototype of the biodegradable coating that could potentially make dental implants a much faster and more palatable tooth replacement procedure for low bone density patients. The prototype formula has made it past a live animal evaluation phase. Clinical evaluation on people will be next. The hope is that the product will be on the market within two or three years.

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