Battling Gum Disease with Lasers

Blue LaserIt’s disconcerting to find out you have gum disease, but you’re not alone if you have been diagnosed with a periodontal infection. In fact, nearly 80% of Americans have at least the beginning stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis. If you are one of the majority, treatment might be necessary to undo the damage to your gingival tissues. Our team at 7 Day Dental Care , will explain some of the basics of laser periodontal treatment.

Cleaning Gums with Lasers

In the past, periodontal therapy could be time consuming and downright painful. If gum disease has progressed into periodontitis (severe gum disease) pockets will form between the gums and jawbone that are prone to infection. With laser technology and the experience of a reputable laser dentist, the infection of gum disease can be cleared away with a tiny laser fiber that’s about as thick as three human hairs. The small, focused beam will clean out plaque deposits and bacteria from periodontal pockets. Once clean, periodontal infections have the chance to heal, and healthy tissue can regenerate. Laser therapy has been shown in clinical trials to improve the chance of recovery from periodontal disease.

Grafting or Regenerating Gum Tissue

If gum recession has occurred as a result of severe gum disease, patients often report root sensitivity to food and drink with extreme temperatures. Gum recession can also usher in the unpleasant side effect of an unsightly appearance in the mouth, as if your teeth are larger than they should be, since more dentin is exposed. In these cases, gingival grafts are often recommended. Through non-invasive laser treatment, a small band of tissue is attached around the tooth. For some, guided tissue regeneration can work to help with gum and bone tissue loss that results from periodontitis.

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