Suggestions for a Cavity-Free Halloween

LollipopWith Halloween less than a week away, you may want to use this weekend to stock up on candy to give away to all of the adorable neighborhood children. This tradition may not be for everyone, but many people get a big kick out of all of the kids in costumes, and the opportunity to offer them a sweet treat to enjoy. There are those of us, however, who may feel a little guilty about the dental downfalls we may also be handing out with our good intentions. Fort Worth dentist, Dr. Bob Jing has some recommendations for Halloween giving that shouldn’t send your neighbors into the throes of tooth decay.

Think Twice about These Options

Candy isn’t a complete villain. According to the Academy of General Dentistry(AGD) there are some better choices in candy consumption than others. Among the worst options for little teeth are gummy candies, or anything chewy (such as candy corn, taffy, and licorice). Unless you diligently brush and floss your child’s teeth with your own hands (something they’re going to obviously resist after a certain age) your child probably won’t be able to clean out all of that sticky debris hanging out in the cracks and crevices of their pearly whites. Sour candies are also bad for teeth with their acid content. Sour gummies are a double whammy.

Consider these Options

On the good side of treats are many great sugar-free options now available. If you don’t want to be considered the Halloween version  of Scrooge in your neighborhood you might consider multiple options. Sugarless lollipops, gum, and other treats taste just as good to some people, though others much prefer the “real” thing. How about offering dark chocolate as another option? Jam packed with antioxidants and theobromine, dark chocolate has benefits for your teeth and much less sugar than other forms of chocolate. Another alternative to sugary candy is small trinkets and toys which provide joy to kids without a single gram of sugar.

Consult with your Fort Worth General Dentist

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