More-Than-Embarrassing Facts About Bad Breath

young woman worried about bad breathFormally known as halitosis, bad breath is something you can’t just ignore, no matter how much you might like to. The truth is, it’s embarrassing, and if it has lasted long enough, you may be ready to try almost anything to be rid of it. One of the more interesting (and positive) facts about bad breath is that it can often be cured with better hygiene, or by simply avoiding pungent foods. However, there are also plenty of worrisome facts about bad breath that make it more than just embarrassing, but also a serious cause for concern, in some cases.

What You Should Know

It’s not just food that causes bad breath, but the bacteria that live in your mouth, as well. Some of them, mainly the ones that like to live on your tongue, are responsible for tainting your breath when they’re allowed to accumulate. To keep your breath fresh, be sure to brush your tongue as well as your teeth at least twice a day.

How do oral bacteria cause bad breath? When they consume protein and other nutrients, the microbes metabolize them and release volatile sulfur gases—the same kind associated with rotten eggs and other notoriously foul odors.

In some cases, bad breath can mean a tooth is decaying, or your gums are diseased. In other cases, it can be a side effect of certain medication (usually bad breath is a byproduct of dry mouth), or a symptom of a systemic illness. The only way to know for sure if your halitosis means bad hygiene or bad health is to visit your dentist to determine the exact cause.


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