Healthy Food Choices Can Benefit Your Oral Health

healthy foods good for oral healthYour diet plays a huge role in your overall health. Good oral health starts with a balanced diet, which helps to maintain the strength of your teeth and keep tooth decay at bay. By eating nutrient dense food, instead of unhealthy options, your mouth will be better equipped to combat harmful, acid producing bacteria that naturally live in your mouth. Foods that are low in sugar, and high in water content, help to starve and rinse away some of these bacteria for further protection.

Good Food and Drinks

When it comes to a healthy diet, variety is key. Your teeth require certain minerals and nutrients to repair enamel and remain strong and resilient.

  • Calcium and Phosphorus from milk, cheese and protein are integral for remineralization, the process in which minerals are redeposited into your enamel.
  • Crunchy foods, high in water content, like apples and some vegetables, help saliva production increase and wash away food particles and acid.
  • Water is as vital to your oral health as it is to your overall well being. Chronic dehydration can cause dry mouth and a variety of other dental problems, and can be exacerbated by drinks loaded with sugar and other additives.

Bad Food and Drinks

Generally, any food or snack that is sticky, chewy, or too hard is known to be a major trigger for tooth decay. The longer it takes to chew it, the longer its particles will linger in your mouth and fuel the bacteria that produce harmful acid. Naturally acidic foods should be eaten in moderation with other, non-acidic food. Sodas, and other sugar-laden drinks, are extremely detrimental to your oral health and should be avoided or consumed in moderation.


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