Interesting Facts About TMJ Disorder

woman learning interesting facts about TMJ disorderHave you ever woken up with a headache or complained that your jaw hurts throughout the day? Or maybe you have noticed chronic tension in your neck and shoulders, and cannot seem to find relief. These symptoms can often be manifestations of a TMJ disorder, or a dysfunction of your temporomandibular joints. Without treatment, these disorders rarely subside on their own and can create severe discomfort and permanent damage in rare cases. There are many causes for jaw joint disorders, as well as a vast array of treatments.

Fact #1: There is not one specific cause of TMJ disorder.

There are many myths surrounding jaw joint complications, most of which have been dispelled. However, it has been discovered that there are many factors that may cause you to have a form of temporomandibular joint disorder. Basically, anything that places stress on your teeth and facial muscles places you at risk of developing a problem with your jaw joints. Bruxism (grinding your teeth), malocclusion, head injuries, and arthritis are some of the most commonly associated diagnoses.

Fact #2: Treatments vary depending on the cause of your pain.

Because the causes are so numerous, treatment for TMJ disorder is specific to the type and cause of your pain. Some treatments involve the use of computers and high-tech devices to reprogram your muscles, while others are closer related to physical therapy and manual corrections. You should speak with your dentist before attempting any treatments if you suspect you may have a jaw joint dysfunction.

Fact #3: Your dentist can best determine if you have TMJ disorder.

During a TMJ examination, your dentist will carefully scrutinize the function of your jaw, and look for any painful abnormalities. In some cases, X-rays or a CT scan may be necessary to obtain a detailed picture of what may be causing you discomfort before a treatment plan is created.

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