Reap the Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

man smiling about his tooth colored fillingsCavities are the most commonly diagnosed oral health problem in modern dentistry. Fortunately, fillings are an acceptable treatment for people of all ages. Tooth colored fillings are quickly gaining popularity over their metal counterparts for many reasons. They provide a more natural appearance and can promote an overall better sense of self-esteem. If you already have metal fillings, you may consider having them replaced with tooth colored composite fillings for a better-looking, more reliable solution. 

Why We Believe Composite Fillings Are Better

Metal fillings, known as amalgam fillings, have the tendency to expand and contract within your tooth based on temperature changes. This can be detrimental to your tooth by causing hairline cracks that will eventually need further treatment or repair. Tooth colored fillings are designed to create a strong bond with the treated tooth, therefore strengthening its healthy structure. Composite resin also blends with your other teeth much better than metal, making them undetectable to the untrained eye. Also, because resin does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals, it is unlikely to cause any health concerns.

Should I have my metal fillings replaced?

In some cases, metal fillings serve their purpose as intended. But research has concluded that decay can occur beneath the amalgam, causing problems that are difficult to detect. By replacing your metal fillings with tooth colored fillings, you can be proactive in your dental health and prevent additional problems. Some patients choose to upgrade their fillings because they have a history of tooth cracks and chips, which amalgam tends to exacerbate. If you are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of your metal fillings, then composite may be a better choice for you.

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