Understanding Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy on a molarThe benefits of root canal therapy are quite significant, especially in cases where a tooth has become painful and severely infected. In modern dentistry, we attempt to save and restore as much of your natural dental function as possible. Root canals allow you to retain most of your natural tooth structure, while removing the diseased portion, and alleviating your pain. Sometimes, a root canal may be necessary to save a tooth that has already received prior dental work, but has started causing you pain again.

Experience Relief

Toothaches are no laughing matter, and can become quite serious. When tooth decay goes undetected for some time, infection can spread to the root of your tooth, causing immense pain and inflammation. In some instances, the only method to gain relief is through root canal therapy. You should experience near immediate relief after the treatment because the pain-causing infection will be completely gone. There may be some minor sensitivity for a day or two after the procedure, but nothing compared to the pain that an abscessed tooth can cause.


Root canal therapy is usually completed in two office visits. During the first visit, your dentist will administer a local numbing agent to your affected tooth and surrounding gum tissue. Then, they will create an opening in your tooth enamel, which will provide access to the infected pulp filling your tooth roots. After removing all of the bacteria and reshaping your canals, your tooth roots will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution and filled with a rubber-like material called “gutta-percha”. A temporary crown will be placed until your second appointment, when your tooth will be fitted with your permanent, custom crown.

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