Quiz! Your Knowledge About Dentures

tips for learning about denturesPeople commonly associate false teeth with elderly, or unhealthy people. But, the fact is, people of any age and level of health can have dentures for a number of reasons. Simply stated, synthetic teeth take the place of missing natural teeth, whether it is a few or your entire mouth. There are a variety of different types of restorations available, and learning about dentures can help you decide which one best fits your lifestyle. Take our quiz to find out more!

True or False Questions:

  1. Dentures look fake, and everyone will know you’re wearing them.
  2. It is very difficult to keep your restoration clean.
  3. Implant supported dentures fit well and are long lasting.
  4. Your dentures are custom made in a laboratory to perfectly fit your mouth.
  5. Eating with dentures is extremely difficult, and you can only eat soft foods.


  1. False! Modern dentures are made to be extremely life-like. They are crafted to match the natural colors of your gum tissue and any remaining teeth. Many people will not know they are synthetic unless you tell them.
  2. This is also false. Your restoration should be fairly easy to maintain if you follow the recommended cleaning instructions. Typically this involves cleaning your denture with mild soap to remove bacteria daily, and allowing it to soak in a special cleanser overnight.
  3. True; implant supported dentures are best known for being durable, lifelike, and comfortable. The implant posts that are inserted into your jawbone create a stable surface for your restoration, reducing slipping and discomfort.
  4. True; an impression will be made of your mouth and sent to a lab with measurements of your jaw, where they will create your custom-fit restoration. The process usually takes a few weeks.
  5. False. While your dentures are still new, you may find it easier to eat soft foods, but as your mouth and muscles become accustomed to your new restoration, eating a regular diet will become easier. You should always avoid extremely hard or sticky foods, because they can damage your dentures.

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