Tooth Loss Q&A

learning about tooth lossObviously children lose their baby teeth at a certain age, but adults can also experience tooth loss for many different reasons. Sometimes an injury, or facial trauma, can cause an adult’s permanent tooth to fall out; but all too often, teeth are lost due to inadequate or non-existent dental hygiene. Your teeth require a certain amount of care, and proper nutrients to remain strong, and last a lifetime. Consistent preventive care is the best method to avoid dental diseases that can result in tooth loss.

What does hygiene have to do with missing teeth?

Missing teeth are commonly a result of poor hygiene, causing extensive tooth decay and gum disease. When bacteria are allowed to build up around your teeth and gums for too long, plaque will develop and invade your gum tissue. This can cause separation of your gums from your teeth, creating pockets under your gum line, known as periodontal pockets. Bacteria accumulate in these pockets, and toxins begin to erode your periodontal tissues and bone that hold your teeth in place, resulting in loose teeth that may fall out or need extraction.

Is tooth loss painful?

In the beginning stages, you typically will feel no pain. As it progresses, you may have sensitivity of your teeth and gums, or pain when eating. In the late stages of periodontal disease, infection can spread to your jawbone, causing immense pain and loss of bone.

Can you replace missing teeth?

There are actually several synthetic options for replacing natural teeth, but typically you will need to meet certain criteria to be considered a candidate. Your dentist will check for adequate bone density, among other things, before deciding which option will best suit your needs. Dental bridges and dental implants are commonly chosen to replace one or a few missing teeth because they have a high success rate, and are natural-looking.

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