Routine Cleanings vs. Deep Teeth Cleanings

man having deep teeth cleaningWhen you attend your routine dental visits, you should expect to have your teeth examined, cleaned, and polished by your dentist and hygienist. During a regular visit like this, you may be informed that a routine cleaning will not be sufficient, and that you need a deep teeth cleaning or root planing procedure. The main difference between these two types of cleanings is that a routine cleaning is performed as preventive care; whereas deep (subgingival) cleaning is used as treatment for beginning stages of periodontal disease.

Subgingival Scaling and Root Planing

If your gums have become red, swollen, and occasionally bleed when your brush your teeth, you could be experiencing early symptoms of gum disease. The most basic treatment for this stage of the disease is a scaling and root planing procedure, which is usually completed in two visits. Your hygienist will use special tools and a mild, local anesthetic to scale below your gum line, and remove irritants like plaque and tarter. Your tooth root surfaces will be smoothed to allow your gums to firmly reattach, and shrink periodontal pockets that accumulate infection.

Prophylactic Teeth Cleaning

Preventive cleanings are an excellent opportunity for your dentist to thoroughly examine your mouth for abnormalities, and remove any tartar buildup that your toothbrush cannot clean. A routine visit will typically involve light tartar scaling, polishing, flossing and possibly a fluoride treatment. These routine cleanings are meant exactly for what their name implies: preventive care. It is generally easier to prevent disease than to treat and maintain; therefore, you should always attend your regularly scheduled teeth cleaning appointments to avoid complications with your oral health.

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