New Year’s Resolutions for Your Oral Hygiene

oral hygiene resolutionsResolutions for the New Year often become redundant because it seems as though many people aim for the same goals, yet few are ever achieved. This year do something different, and set yourself attainable resolutions to improve your oral hygiene. Dentists often see an increase in tooth decay right around the beginning of the year, likely from all the delicious sweets during the holidays. So even if you think your routine is perfect, there are probably some minor tweaks you could implement to gain better results.

Schedule Preventive Visits

Do you remember the last time you had your teeth cleaned? Have you started receiving reminder calls from your dentist’s office to come in for a check-up? It is extremely easy to lose track of time when it comes to your biannual preventive care visits. One great solution is to call and schedule a couple of visits ahead of time, and mark them on your calendar to remember more easily.

Evaluate Your Routine

Although you may believe your hygiene practices are perfect, you should carefully evaluate each step for things to improve upon. Do you brush for two minutes twice a day? Are you flossing at least once daily? What kind of toothpaste/mouthwash do you use, and does it contain fluoride?

Change Your Toothbrush

You should routinely throw away your old toothbrush and replace it with a new one every three to four months. If it has been longer than you can remember since you did this, just start the new year with a new toothbrush. You may also consider switching to an electric toothbrush to make brushing easier and for the sake of trying something new.

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