Worried About Dry Socket?

tooth extraction can cause dry socketThere are many reasons why a tooth may ultimately need to be extracted. It may be damaged or diseased beyond repair, or causing harm to healthy teeth. In any case, proper care after undergoing a tooth extraction is of utmost importance. Most extraction procedures occur without any incidences, but there is always a minor risk that something could go wrong. One worrisome complication associated with having a tooth pulled is called dry socket, which can occur a few days after having your tooth extracted, and is always cause for concern.


All of your teeth are stabilized by ligaments within their own socket in your jaw bone. When your tooth is removed, this socket should accumulate a blood clot adequate enough to protect any exposed bone and nerves from anything that enters your mouth. If a blood clot fails to form or becomes dislodged earlier than required for healing, it is considered dry socket, and may become extremely painful.


If dry socket is going to develop, you will usually begin to notice symptoms about two days after your procedure. The following symptoms can be cause for concern and you should notify your dentist if you experience:

  • Severe pain or throbbing
  • Pain that radiates through your face up to your ear
  • Foul smell or taste in your mouth
  • White bone in the socket instead of pink or red flesh


In general, all cases of dry socket need to be treated by your dentist, and you should never wait for them to heal on their own. Your dentist will likely clean any debris from the socket, and place a medicated dressing inside to promote healing. You may need to return daily to have a new dressing placed until your pain has lessened and it has begun to heal. A course of antibiotics may also be prescribed to inhibit bacterial infection.

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