Month: January 2015

Do You Know Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary?

Though it might not seem like much of a loss, extracting a tooth can have serious consequences for the rest of your oral health. Nevertheless, tooth extraction is often necessary when it’s the lesser of two evils—the other being continual damage to your oral health by leaving the tooth in place. Several reasons can lead… Read more »

Rooting Out Tooth Decay with Root Canal Therapy

You may have heard a lot about root canal therapy, or you might not have heard much at all. Either way, there is a good chance that you may not fully understand the procedure, or the need for it, which could cause you to hesitate to undergo the treatment. If your tooth is in bad… Read more »

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Before visiting the dentist was common, losing teeth seemed like a natural part of aging. Fast-forward a few generations and losing teeth has become a pretty traumatic experience. Luckily, along with advanced dental hygiene techniques have come innovative dental replacements that allow you to replace your lost teeth and restore your smile to the excellent… Read more »

When Wisdom Teeth Need Extraction

In some respects, growing your wisdom teeth—your third and final set of molars—is a rite of passage. As they typically erupt between the ages of 17-25 (once known as the age of wisdom), they often accompany the transition from adolescence into young adulthood. Unfortunately, that rite is often followed by increasing discomfort, and sometimes, increasingly… Read more »

A True or False Quiz About Dental Bridges

If your smile is missing one tooth or several teeth in a row, you are likely becoming tired of dealing with this “gap.” Fortunately, among a variety of dental prosthetics, we offer beautiful dental bridges to complete your smile. We find that when we suggest bridges to our patients, they are often unsure about the… Read more »

Dental Sealants for Safe Smiles

Have you ever thought about how difficult it can be to keep your own back teeth clean – and then worried about the dental health of your child’s molars? Especially when your child’s permanent teeth grow in, you likely begin to feel quite intent on protecting that beautiful smile, so it remains healthy for a… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers FAQs

No other single cosmetic treatment will provide you with the multitude of benefits offered by porcelain veneers. You may initially feel excited by this information, wondering how soon you may begin your smile makeover. However, when the initial joy begins to fade away a bit, you may find you start coming up with a variety… Read more »

Orange Juice—Good for You, But What About Your Teeth?

Breakfast isn’t the same without something refreshing to wash it down. Most breakfast tables are not complete without cups of milk, coffee, and usually orange juice. Milk and orange juice are well-known for providing our bodies with significant amounts of minerals and nutrients. They are recommended for reducing the risk of future health issues, including… Read more »

The Reasons Why Adults Lose Teeth

Losing the first tooth can surprise a young child. In some cases, it may even be a bit unsettling, especially if the child doesn’t know to expect it. After the surprise wears off, the child may grow excited at the prospect of losing the rest of his/her primary teeth and growing a set of permanent… Read more »

Native Americans and Dental Caries

Childhood tooth decay, also called dental caries, is a global problem even in industrialized countries. Sixty to 90 percent of school-aged children and the majority of adults are affected by tooth decay. In developing countries oral health care is limited, but it is also limited right here in the United States on Indian reservations. Because… Read more »