Curious About Root Canals? Take Our Quiz!

about root canalsAny time there is a problem with one of your teeth, it is ideal to take the most conservative route of treatment available, to save as much natural tooth structure as possible. When talking to your dentist about root canals, you will discover that a large portion of your natural tooth can be saved, while removing the painful, infected pulp. Benefits of this treatment include maintaining jaw bone density and strength, promoting natural dental function, and keeping proper tooth alignment.

QUIZ: True or False

  1. Root canals are painful.
  2. Your tooth is essentially “dead” after a root canal.
  3. You will be unable to eat hard food after the procedure.
  4. Pain in your tooth can return years after completing the treatment.
  5. A root canal will make your tooth look weird.


  1. Your mouth will be sufficiently numbed during a root canal procedure; therefore you will not feel any pain. You may feel some pressure as the dentist works on your tooth.
  2. Since root canal therapy removes the living tissue from inside your tooth, your tooth is essentially “dead” and will no longer exhibit pain. Only the outer structure of your tooth will be left intact.
  3. Immediately after a procedure you may want to avoid eating hard foods. Once your mouth is healed and the numbing agent has worn off, you can return to your normal diet.
  4. In rare cases, a tooth can have an “extra” root that is missed during the procedure. This can cause painful symptoms to occur years down the road. Usually the tooth will need to be retreated.
  5. Upon completion of root canal therapy, your treated tooth will be topped with a custom crown that resembles your other natural teeth. This crown is often undetectable to the untrained eye.


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