Tips to Control Bad Breath Better

control bad breathBad breath may be obvious to you, or you may not even notice it, depending on a number of different factors. Either way, it is noticeable to others, and when bad breath is consistent, it can grow worse the longer you ignore it. While persistent bad breath, or halitosis, can occur for a number of different reasons, it is more-often-than-not an issue that originates with your dental health. To control or prevent bad breath more effectively, we examine a few tips for fresher hygiene practices, beginning with what you do at the sink.

Preventing Bad Breath

  • The leading cause of bad breath is oral bacteria, particularly the ones that like to accumulate on your tongue’s surface. Be sure to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth, using your toothbrush or, preferably, a tongue scraper.
  • Food particles left on and between your teeth are another common cause of bad breath. Though you don’t have to floss your teeth every time you brush them, you should do so at least once every day, especially before going to bed.
  • Even if your teeth appear clean, your breath could still be bad if a dental disease is developing, like cavities or gum disease. After rinsing your mouth, check carefully for swollen gums, discolored spots on your teeth, or other signs that trouble may be developing, and schedule a visit as soon as possible if anything seems amiss.
  • Your meal doesn’t have to be loaded with garlic and onions to affect your breath. Certain foods and beverages that leave your mouth dry can also facilitate bacterial growth. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your mouth moist, and to fight the substances that oral bacteria produce throughout the day.


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