The Reasons Why Adults Lose Teeth

reasons why adults lose teethLosing the first tooth can surprise a young child. In some cases, it may even be a bit unsettling, especially if the child doesn’t know to expect it. After the surprise wears off, the child may grow excited at the prospect of losing the rest of his/her primary teeth and growing a set of permanent replacements. As an adult, however, losing a tooth is hardly a cause for celebration, since we don’t naturally grow replacements for lost adult teeth. Since adult teeth are meant to be permanent, we explain why they are lost so often, and how best to protect your smile from tooth loss.

Common Dental Diseases

Tooth decay and gum disease are two well-known, and widespread, destructive dental diseases. Tooth decay directly attacks your tooth, causing cavities to form that can eventually consume the tooth’s entire structure. Gum disease is an infection that settles in and destroys the soft gingival tissue (gums) that surround and support your teeth’s roots. Its most severe form, periodontitis, is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States. Both tooth decay and gum disease are highly preventable with good dental hygiene and regular professional maintenance. Unfortunately, tooth decay affects over 90% of adults in America, while over 70% struggle with some degree of gum disease. Those who do not seek prompt treatment may also join the ranks of those who’ve lost one or more teeth to advanced dental disease.

Unfortunate Accidents/Traumatic Injuries

Although teeth and gum infections are the most common causes behind tooth loss, they aren’t the only forces that can destroy a patient’s dentition. A traumatic injury, either from an accident, a contact sport, or a physical altercation, can cause severe dental damage that renders a tooth useless or completely knocks the tooth out of its socket. Wearing a protective mouthguard while playing contact sports can reduce the risk of dental trauma, while maintaining excellent dental health will keep your teeth strong and resilient.


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