Dental Sealants for Safe Smiles

girlsmileHave you ever thought about how difficult it can be to keep your own back teeth clean – and then worried about the dental health of your child’s molars? Especially when your child’s permanent teeth grow in, you likely begin to feel quite intent on protecting that beautiful smile, so it remains healthy for a lifetime. Fortunately, we offer dental sealants to protect your child’s permanent back teeth. While this information usually sounds like music to our patients’ ears, we expect that you may have some additional questions about this pediatric treatment. Look no further:

Questions About Sealants

Question: What is a dental sealant?

Answer: A sealant is a thin coating of plastic that we carefully paint over the chewing surface – or tops – of your child’s back teeth.

Question: Is the procedure comfortable?

Answer: Yes, we will simply clean your child’s teeth, paint on the coating, and ensure the sealant sets. It’s comfortable and simple.

Question: When should I bring my child in for sealants?

Answer: We offer this treatment for children whose permanent molars have developed. We encourage you to visit us once every six months for checkups, so we can monitor growth and provide sealants at the optimal time.

Question: How do sealants protect my child’s teeth?

Answer: This treatment acts as a physical barrier, keeping food, debris, bacteria, and plaque from resting in the small grooves, fissures, and crevices of back teeth. By keeping teeth surfaces clean, you may prevent cavity formation and the need for dental fillings.

Question: How long do sealants last?

Answer: They tend to last anywhere from five years to ten years, which means you can expect many years of protection. 


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