Do You Know Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary?

why tooth extractions are necessaryThough it might not seem like much of a loss, extracting a tooth can have serious consequences for the rest of your oral health. Nevertheless, tooth extraction is often necessary when it’s the lesser of two evils—the other being continual damage to your oral health by leaving the tooth in place. Several reasons can lead to the need for tooth extraction, ranging from structural damage to a severe dental disease, but once it is required, hesitating could result in the need for more extensive restoration.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Severe structural damage

A knocked-out tooth does not count as a tooth extraction, although it is a common reason for tooth loss. However, sometimes a tooth can sustain enough damage that it cannot be saved, even though it remains in its socket. Typically, a cracked, fractured, or broken tooth can be restored with a dental crown. Yet, if the root is damaged, or if the fracture is extensive enough, then an extraction may be the only viable option.

Wisdom tooth impaction

Wisdom teeth, or your third set of molars, are the only teeth that can generally be removed without requiring replacement. In fact, the growth of your wisdom teeth may cause damage to your other teeth as they push against them, usually due to limited room on your dental ridge. Extracting impacted wisdom teeth is often necessary to stop the obstruction from destroying your other teeth.

Untreated tooth decay

You might not automatically attribute tooth extraction to cavities, but in severe cases, that may be the last resort to stopping tooth decay. In its severe stages, decay can infect and kill the tissues at the center of your tooth, and then spread through the root canals and away from the tooth. If root canal therapy won’t suffice to save the tooth, then extracting it from your dental ridge will be necessary to remove the threat of spreading infection.


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