Making Dental Care Easier in 2015—Special Offers!

making dental care easier--specialsAt 7 Day Dental in Ft. Worth, our practice philosophy doesn’t stop at providing excellent dental care, but includes making exceptional dental health accessible to everyone. From remaining open on weekends to accepting a wide variety of insurance carriers (including Medicaid and MediCare), we our dedicated to helping you and your family enjoy the healthy, beautiful smiles you deserve. To help make caring for your family’s dental health easier, we are pleased to offer a number of special offers and services to all of our patients!

For Our Patients*

  • Free full mouth exam or emergency exam, and free full mouth X-rays on Wednesdays (for new patients without insurance)
  • Half-price on regular fees on Wednesdays (for new patients without insurance, and ONLY on day of first visit)
  • Half price for all military and retired military service personnel, police officers, and seniors over 70 (must present valid ID)
  • Routine tooth extractions for $99 (for patients without insurance, and only if an oral surgeon is not required)
  • Scheduled appointments with an oral surgeon for complicated tooth extractions and dental implant placement (call for specific dates)
  • Scheduled appointments with a periodontal specialist for advanced gum disease and periodontal treatment (call for specific dates)
  • Sunday appointments (appointments are limited; must schedule in advance)
  • Sliding scale discounts based on income on days other than Wednesdays (for patients without insurance; must bring proof of income)

*Special offers are for a limited time only. Please call our office for more specific details and answers to questions.


Dr. Bob Jing has served patients and their families across Dallas/Ft. Worth for many years. Together with his caring, compassionate, and highly-skilled team at 7 Day Dental, Dr. Jing is dedicated to making good dental health available to as many people as possible. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation or appointment, contact our office closest to you at 817-405-2001 on Jacksboro Highway, or at 817-405-0195 on Seminary Drive.