Reasons to Smile More Often

smile more oftenYour smile says a lot about you, even when you don’t show it. In fact, a penchant for concealing your smile, or smiling in a way that hides certain teeth, may reveal more than it actually hides. As one of the most natural human expressions, smiling is a generally recognized sign of goodwill, but many people prefer not to due to embarrassment for one or more cosmetic issues. As motivation to learn more about how to improve your smile, we offer a few reasons why you should resolve to smile more often.

It’s more attractive

If you’ve known someone long enough to see them both smiling and not smiling, then you might already know that a confident smile can make you more attractive and appealing. If you make an effort to hide your smile because you’re embarrassed by how it looks, then you might appear surly more often, which can discourage others from interacting with you.

It’s contagious

There’s something instinctual within most of us that makes us want to smile at others who we see smiling. The effect translates into one of the most effective ways to spread good cheer, or to lighten the mood in an otherwise more serious environment.

It relieves stress

The reason why smiling is automatically associated with good humor and good cheer is because it’s a universal sign of both. It also works inwardly; the act of smiling can prompt your body to release natural stress-relieving compounds (like endorphins), and help calm your breathing and heart rate. In essence, smiling can help you relax, and make you want to smile even more.


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