Why is Preventive Dentistry Important?

why is preventive dentistry importantIn most instances regarding your health, prevention is the best medicine, and your oral health is no exception. Generally, preventive dentistry includes your routine dental checkups and cleanings, as well as your dental hygiene routine at home and any other measures taken to protect your dental health before problems arise. The importance of preventive dentistry, however, is more clearly realized when you understand the nature of most dental health issues.

A Few Facts About Dental Health and Hygiene

The main culprits are bacteria

You might recognize dental plaque as the focus of your twice-daily brushing and flossing efforts, but did you know it is a by-product of oral bacteria? The microbes create plaque to protect themselves as they grow and multiply on your teeth.

Plaque and tartar are stubborn

Even if you brush and floss consistently, you can still miss a few spots of plaque, which can harden into tartar and become impervious to your toothbrush. Prevention at home controls plaque buildup, while preventive dentistry at our office can thoroughly remove tartar, as well.

Dental issues can develop and grow worse before you know it

Besides tartar spots, you might also miss the earliest signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and more without regular exams at your dentist’s office. As they progress, they might still remain unnoticed until serious damage and dental discomfort develop.

The damage from dental issues is permanent

Even if you do detect tooth decay or gum disease before extensive damage occurs, whatever injury has been done (such as tooth structure that has been eroded by tooth decay) will be permanent. We can typically restore damaged teeth and treat diseased gums even in severe stages, but preventing these issues from occurring is more beneficial to your overall oral health.


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