Restorative Dentistry vs. Your Cracked Tooth

restorative dentistry vs. your cracked toothDespite how bad it sounds, some people may not even realize that they have a cracked tooth. If the damage is minor, your tooth might not hurt or grow sensitive until the damage grows worse. During a routine examination, we may be able to detect minor cracks and other structural damage before they become a significant threat—yet another reason to maintain a strict schedule of dental checkups and cleanings. If you do have a cracked tooth, or one that is broken or fractured, then we can restore it, and your dental health, according to how severe the damage is.

What a Cracked Tooth Really Means

Even if a tooth crack is minor at first, that doesn’t mean it will still be a minor issue by the time you seek treatment. The longer a tooth remains damaged, the more damage it will sustain from the pressures of your bite, from chewing on especially hard foods, or from occasionally grinding your teeth. In addition to discomfort, a cracked tooth also means that the tooth’s nerves and soft tissues are exposed oral bacteria that can lead to severe tooth infection.

Restorative Options for a Cracked Tooth

For some cracked teeth, a dental crown is necessary to cover and protect the visible portion of the tooth from further damage. Before placing the crown, we may clean out the exposed area to ensure no infection develops, and possibly place a filling in the fissure to protect the tooth’s interior. If the damage is significant enough that the tooth cannot be saved, then it may need to be extracted to prevent injury to the surrounding jawbone and tissues. If the tooth’s root is cracked, then a tooth extraction may be unavoidable.


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