Common Questions About Crooked Teeth

about crooked teethYour first question concerning your crooked teeth may be how you can straighten them. However, if your concern arises from a desire to improve your smile’s appearance, then that question will likely be followed by others, like if you really have to wear braces to correct them. To help you understand the importance of your teeth’s alignment, and your different options for correcting them, we answer a few common questions about crooked teeth.

About Your Teeth’s Alignment

What issues can crooked teeth contribute to?

Your smile’s visual appeal is not the only thing that can suffer from crooked teeth. When your teeth are not aligned properly, they can also make good hygiene more difficult by providing harder-to-reach spots for harmful plaque to hide. Your teeth might also suffer damage due to excessive pressure resulting from your uneven bite.

If I wore braces as a child, can my teeth become crooked again?

Children are often prescribed orthodontic braces to correct their misaligned teeth and allow them to grow in straight. Nevertheless, you may still experience an orthodontic relapse as an adult, wherein your teeth are forced back out of alignment due to excessive pressure, a dental injury, or any of a number of other reasons. If you do experience a relapse, then you will have to once again undergo correction, though this time, you may be able to forego traditional braces.

Do I need braces to straighten my crooked teeth?

Unlike children, many older teens and adults can achieve straighter, more functional, and more visually-appealing smiles without needing traditional metal braces. With the innovative Invisalign® system, you can straighten your teeth using custom-created clear aligners that are designed to gently guide teeth into their new positions. The removable, nearly-invisible aligners can allow you to enjoy the benefits of a straight smile without the hindrance of wearing metal braces.


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