What Makes Dental Cleanings So Important

what makes dental cleanings so importantIf you’ve kept up with good dental hygiene practices for most of your life, then you should be used to visiting your dentist every six months or so for routine dental checkups and cleanings. If not, then the sooner you begin a schedule of professional dental care, the better. Besides keeping your teeth feeling and looking fresh and clean, what makes dental cleanings so important are the issues that regular dental care helps you prevent.

Your Teeth Deserve (and Need) Attention

Even people who have a penchant for ignoring preventive dental care may still be apt to brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day. The point of twice-daily brushing is to remove the plaque that constantly forms on and between your teeth, and along your gum tissues. As a byproduct of oral bacteria, plaque protects harmful microorganisms that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Before long, the little spots of plaque that you might miss here and there will harden into tartar. When it does, you will need to attend a dental cleaning to remove it and the bacteria it contains.

Prevention Saves More than Time

As a preventive dentistry measure, dental cleanings naturally focus on eliminating risk factors for most common dental health issues. Preventing dental issues prevents the need for more complex, and more time-consuming, restorative dental treatments. Besides time, however, dental cleanings also help you avoid issues that cause irreversible damage to your teeth and/or gums. For instance, both tooth decay and gum disease (common causes of tooth loss, in their severe forms), develop when oral bacteria multiply and grow stronger unchecked. Because of tartar’s stubbornness, a lack of consistent dental cleanings is one of the more significant reasons why dental health issues remain such a wide-spread problem.


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