Lesser-Known Tips to Prevent Cavities

tips to prevent cavitiesHopefully, you are already aware that brushing and flossing your teeth, and refraining from binge-eating on candy, are essential to preventing cavities. You might also know that routine dental checkups and cleanings are another vital part of that list. However, your teeth can face the threat of decay and cavities from a large number of different factors. To effectively prevent cavities long-term, we explain a few of the lesser-known things you can do on a daily basis to keep your dental health under control.

Fighting Off Tooth Decay

Eat breakfast in the morning, before brushing

It might seem like common sense would dictate brushing the morning breath from your mouth before sitting down at the breakfast table. Yet, the nature of dental plaque makes that untrue. As you sleep, your saliva flow dwindles, allowing harmful oral bacteria to gather and form plaque more quickly. When you wake up, eating a well-balanced breakfast first will kick-start your saliva flow, making it easier to brush and floss away cavity-causing bacteria.

Drink/eat more dairy

You can also increase your cavity prevention efforts by strengthening your tooth enamel—the protective layer that surrounds your teeth. Enamel is made almost entirely of mineral crystals, like calcium and phosphate, which are found abundantly in milk, cheese, sugar-free yogurt, and other popular dairy products. Since your body doesn’t produce calcium, consuming it is the only way to supply your teeth with the fuel they need to stay strong.

Ask your dentist about fluoride treatments

As an adult, topical fluoride can boost your enamel’s strength as the mineral bonds to its surface. Fluoride is found in most toothpaste brands, and should be included in yours, but for additional cavity protection, we can directly apply the mineral to your teeth during your routine dental visits.


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