Save That Tooth!

sportsIMouth and facial injuries are common, especially among children. The most susceptible to dental related injuries are children who play sports, and today millions of children do. In fact, statistics show that 35 million kids between the ages of 5 and 18 are involved with organized sports on an annual basis. While, according to statistics, 1.35 million youths get injured playing sports each year, 7 percent of those injuries are in the face. The top two front teeth account for 90% of sports related injuries. What happens if your child loses a tooth during a game? The first thing you do is save that tooth!

What To Do

Dental costs from an untreated sports related injury can reach into the tens of thousands–per tooth–and the cost isn’t only financial. The results of an untreated sports injury can include psychological trauma and years of recurring pain. If your child loses a tooth whether it is playing sports or horsing around in the backyard, save the tooth. Your dentist can help treat the injury and reinstate the tooth to health.  Take the following steps:

Find and save the tooth

Replace the tooth into its socket and keep it in place by having your child gently bite down on a wet soft substance such as gauze, a cotton ball, or a tea bag.

If you can’t replace the tooth back into the socket, have your child hold it under their tongue, or tuck it between their cheek and gum. The tooth must stay moist.

You can also place the tooth into a small container of whole milk.

If the tooth is not replaced back into the gum, stop the gum from bleeding by applying pressure with a soft substance such as a tea bag, gauze, tissues, paper towels, or a clean cloth

Apply ice to help reduce pain and swelling.

Go directly to a dentist.


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