Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

advantages of tooth-colored fillingsSince it has been the most-frequently used material for over a century, many people automatically associate tooth fillings with metal amalgam. Also known as silver fillings for their metallic appearance, amalgam restorations may be strong and durable, but they can also stand to be improved in several areas. Fortunately, there is an often-better solution to treating cavities with tooth-colored composite resin, which is quickly becoming the more-frequently preferred option over metal amalgam.


Composite resin is a mixture of biocompatible acrylic and quartz-like particles. It can be tinted to match the color and shade of the tooth being treated, hence the popular name, tooth-colored fillings. When you smile, others won’t notice that your tooth once had a cavity, allowing you to continue to smile with confidence after your treatment.


The point of a dental filling is to treat a cavity, or hole, in your tooth, which is the result of an infection known as tooth decay. Placing the filling inside of the cavity restores the lost structure to protect and strengthen the tooth. Unlike metal, resin can be securely bonded to the tooth’s surface for improved function, and a more effective restoration.


Appearance is important, but one of the more significant areas in which metal fillings often fail is their tendency to change shape over time due to fluctuations in temperature. This tendency might cause a metal filling to fail as it separates from your tooth’s surface, or damage the tooth as the metal expands. By contrast, tooth-colored composite resin retains its shape once it has been placed and hardened, and is therefore likely to last longer.


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