An Understanding of Modern Dental Crowns

understanding dental crownsBecause your teeth cannot repair themselves if they are injured, or cure themselves if they are infected, you may, at some point, need a dental crown placed to restore one. While we can preserve the healthy tooth structure that remains, that structure may be too weak or insufficient to perform its duties if the tooth is damaged, or is treated for a cavity. Throughout history, dental crowns have been a staple of restorative dentistry, designed to restore teeth by completely covering and protecting them. Today, dental crowns are not only impressively lifelike, but can also do more than ever before; including replacing missing teeth.

Tooth Restorations and Replacements

  • A dental crown is a replica of the top part of your tooth, which rests above your gum line and is also referred to as a crown. By capping the tooth, the crown protects it from the pressures of your bite, and improves the tooth’s overall appearance.
  • For the most cosmetically-pleasing results (meaning the restoration blends in naturally with your smile), crowns are often crafted from innovative dental porcelain. The lifelike material is highly-durable, can be tinted to match your teeth’s healthy hue, and is semi-translucent to reflect light the same way tooth enamel does.
  • Dental crowns are also commonly used to replace teeth that are lost or extracted. Traditionally, two dental crowns can support one or more replacement teeth (pontics) between them. Known as a dental bridge, the appliance spans the gap in your smile, and the crowns are attached to the adjacent teeth that remain.
  • When combined with a dental implant, or prosthetic tooth root, a modern dental crown can replace a single lost tooth without the need for a bridge. The implant is inserted into your jawbone, which heals around the biocompatible post, and can support your dental crown the way a tooth’s root supports its own crown.


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