Discovering the History of Modern Dentistry

history of modern dentistryDentistry has been practiced for longer than the profession has been established. In fact, humans have sought to cure or treat dental maladies as early as 9,000 years ago. The stories told by the remains of ancient dentistry provide a clear picture that our ancestors understood the importance of dental health. Today, modern dentistry combines the knowledge of these findings and countless others to provide innovative treatments and procedures that can restore virtually any smile.

Ancient Dental Knowledge

  • What is believed to be the oldest form of dentistry dates back to 7,000 BC and was found in present-day Pakistan. The Neolithic remains, which belonged to members of the Indus Valley Civilization, included teeth with almost perfect holes removed from their centers, similar to holes left after removing infected tooth material today.
  • In modern dentistry, the infected tooth structure is replaced by a manmade material (usually white composite resin) to reinforce the tooth. As far as 6,500 years ago, this concept was understood by the ancient civilization that inhabited Slovenia. A human jawbone was found containing a tooth with a dental filling made of beeswax.
  • The ancient Egyptians are renowned even today for their grasp of complicated concepts in the fields of astronomy, mathematics, architecture, and much more. Their understanding even extended to advanced dentistry. The earliest known evidence of dental surgery stems from the land of the pharaohs in the form of a mandible with two perforations directly beneath the root of a molar. The jawbone, which was traced to around 2750 BC, suggests that the molar was abscessed and the small cuts served to drain it.
  • The Etruscans, who dwelled in the hills of ancient Central Italy, helped shape today’s restorative dentistry by crafting dental crowns and bridges that set the standard of quality for the next few hundred years.


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