A Dentures Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

womanquestionThinking about your next meal can become very upsetting if you are missing all of your teeth or a full arch of teeth. Attempting to speak with others or to feel comfortable in social settings may also present quite a problem. For patients suffering from complete tooth loss on one or both arches of teeth, we encourage you to learn more about full dentures. Before you jump to conclusions about these prosthetics, recognize that advances in dentistry have allowed for exceptional improvements – these are not the heavy, clunky devices you may think they are. Wondering how much you actually know about these lightweight, modern teeth replacement solutions? Test your knowledge:

Dentures Quiz: True or False

  1. True or False: Full dentures rely on the use of crowns cemented over your teeth for support.
  2. True or False: If your dentures do not feel stable enough, you will simply have to be more careful.
  3. True or False: We provide patients with custom-fitted dentures for a beautiful finish and excellent fit.

Answer Key

  1. False. Full dentures are placed over your dental ridge that no longer has natural teeth, which means the denture must rely on the natural suction created by your gums. Unlike other prosthetics like bridges, dentures are removable for easy daily wear and hygiene.
  2. False. You have options to improve stability. First, you may use special denture adhesives to keep your prosthetic comfortably in place. Or, you may consider implant-retained dentures. This means that we will surgically place implant posts in to strategic areas of your mouth. We will then provide you with dentures fitted to sit securely over the posts.
  3. True. No two mouths are shaped exactly alike. To ensure you receive a beautiful, comfortably fitting denture, we will begin by taking impressions of your alveolar ridge. This will permit us to provide you with a full denture that effectively restores your smile and daily function.


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