Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

teeth whitening consultWith the widely expansive cosmetic industry quickly growing every day, you may be considering easy ways to improve your look for relatively low costs. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, partly due to the amazing results just a short time away, and also because of the array of treatment options to choose from. In general, whitening treatments can remove a broad spectrum of dental stains, but you may want to find out if whitening is even recommended for your particular case.

What Teeth Whitening DOES Do

The most common types of tooth stains are formed from the repetitive consumption of dark-colored, or stain causing substances. Coffee, tea, wine, and blueberries can all cause surface stains on your teeth when consumed regularly; and these happen to be the types of discoloration that whitening can work wonders on. Surface stains, also known as extrinsic, typically do not penetrate very deep into your tooth enamel, which allows the whitening compounds to lighten or eradicate them easily. Some types of tooth bleaching treatments only need to be applied one time to see dramatic results, while others that you complete at home may need more frequent applications to reach your desired effect.

What Teeth Whitening DOES NOT Do

There are certain types of tooth discoloration that whitening treatments may have little, to no effect on after treatment. Teeth that appear grey, pink, or generally stand out in appearance from your other teeth, will often never become bright white again without restorative treatments. This means that you may actually need a root canal to clean out the interior of the tooth before attempting bleaching treatments. These stains, knows as intrinsic stains, are often impossible to remove because the whitening agents cannot reach within your tooth, and the color is typically a result of some type of nerve damage.



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