Smoothing Your Smile’s Rough Edges with Contouring

womanlaughingcloseupDo you think your smile would look quite lovely if only you could smooth out a few rough edges? Perhaps your teeth look a little bit too big or too long but you are not sure there’s anything you can do about that. Fortunately, we offer dental contouring to soften problem areas and reduce excessive tissue. Keep in mind, this is a conservative cosmetic treatment that will require only one visit. Patients are often overwhelmed that such a simple procedure could yield the exceptional results they desire. To gain a clearer sense of understanding, we ask you to learn a bit more about what to expect from contouring:

Contouring Is Quick and Comfortable

You will find that you can typically enjoy a fast treatment, lasting only thirty minutes to an hour in most cases. Because of the conservative nature of this solution, you will probably not require an anesthetic since contouring is comfortable.

We Buff Away A Small Amount Of Tissue

When we say small, we mean tiny. The goal of dental contouring is to remove a minimal amount of your tooth’s outermost layer, called enamel, to improve the shape, length, size, and appearance of your teeth, as well as the uniformity of your smile.

Contouring Is Straightforward and Beneficial

  • We will use a polishing instrument that gently buffs away minuscule portions of enamel. We may use this to achieve the following:
  • To create the appearance of smaller teeth if yours appear too large for your features
  • To shorten one or several teeth that look too long, which may result in an uneven smile
  • To smooth problem areas like poor texture, ridged or rough borders, or to smooth fine chips


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