Protect Your Oral Health With Orthodontics

clearbracestrayholdWhen you look in the mirror at your smile, do you like what you see? Are you less concerned with the way your teeth look next to one another and more concerned with daily discomfort that seems to stem from the poor configuration of your smile? When it comes to seeking options to improve your smile, we offer orthodontic treatment to address misalignment. While you may think of this decision as a strictly cosmetic choice, if you suffer from discomfort you already know that aligning your teeth can offer you exceptional oral health benefits. Not quite putting all the pieces together yet? Learn more about how orthodontics may safeguard your smile in the long run with the following information:

Alignment Yields Many Advantages

First, you know that you will feel much better about your appearance when you choose to align your smile. Though this may seem deeply rooted in vanity, feeling confident about the way you look can actually affect your mental health, allowing you to feel motivated to succeed in all areas of life. Orthodontic treatment may also provide you with the following benefits:

  • The alignment of your teeth may play a strong role in the health of your jaw joints and your teeth. Misalignment may cause some of your teeth to fit together poorly or to hit one another when you attempt to close your mouth. You may suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) as a result or TMJ disorder (jaw joint problems) as a result of shifting your jaw into different positions to attempt to close your mouth or chew.
  • Teeth alignment also plays a serious role in your ability to care for your teeth. Teeth that are overlapped or spaced out from one another may present problems during brushing and flossing. Overcrowding may increase tooth decay because you cannot thoroughly clean all teeth surfaces. Gaps may provide places for debris to become stuck. Orthodontics can solve these issues.


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