Why You Need A Tooth-Colored Filling

smileperfecttealtopIf we diagnose you with a cavity, you will certainly require a dental filling. This is because your tooth decay is not going to reverse itself and your tooth will not heal. Rather than waiting for the potentially negative side effects than can come from neglecting a cavity – such as infection or tooth breakage – we encourage patients to schedule a visit for a filling right away. Wondering what we could possibly say to convince you to feel excited about this idea? Fortunately, we offer tooth-colored fillings to ensure your smile looks and feels wonderful after treatment. If this is starting to sound better than you’d hoped, find out more about white fillings:

Exceptional Safety

Some patients cannot receive metal fillings. This may include pregnant women, young children, or people who are allergic to metal. Some patients are simply unhappy with the idea of a filling that contains mercury. Fortunately, tooth-colored fillings are made of composite, a metal-free, mercury-free material that is safe for almost everyone.

Long-Term Wear

Composite, unlike metal, bonds directly to your tooth tissue. This means you can expect the filling to last for a long time without worrying about potential breakage.

Surprising Comfort

Have you ever heard that metal fillings can cause your tooth to become more sensitive to extremes in temperature? This is because metal is a wonderful thermal conductor. Composite, however, does not conduct heat and cold, so your tooth will not suffer from heightened temperature-based sensitivity.

Cosmetically Pleasing

Composite is a material that we can color-match to your surrounding tooth, hence the name “tooth-colored filling.” You can expect your smile to continue to look beautiful and your tooth to look fully repaired and natural.


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