26th Annual Tap Dance Day

tapshoesbowsDoes your heart start thumping and do your feet start tapping when you hear the clickity-clack of tap shoes? If so, you will truly enjoy tap dance day that happens once a year in Fort Worth. A fun-filled event perfect for the whole family, tap day will put a smile on your face. Be sure to call up a friend and invite the whole family (and get ready to smile).

What Is It?

This event is the 26th Annual Tap Dance Day. You will witness the performance of individuals from every part of the DFW area who are tapping for your enjoyment. Did you know Tap Day is actually a national holiday? It’s true! And lucky for you, it is steadily approaching.

Where Is the Event?

The event will be held at Arts Fifth Avenue at the following location:

1628 5th Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104

When Is It?

This event – which actually takes place during the national holiday – will occur on May 25, 2015. You can join in to watch the fun beginning at 8pm.

Who Is Invited?

Everyone is invited! Tap Day welcomes fans of all ages and the event is also handicap accessible.

How Much Is Admission?

This is a free event.

Who May I Contact?

You may contact 817-923-9500 for additional information.


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