Fluoride and Your Child’s Smile: FAQs

Cute Little Girls has a Healthy Smile Thanks to Fluoride TreatmentsAs a parent, you only want what’s best for your child, for what will help them grow into healthy, happy adults. You take them to the doctor for well-child checkups, and you take them the dentist for well-smile checkups. At your child’s six-month dental checkup, your family dentist will probably recommend applying a fluoride treatment. In order for you to stay informed, we’re answering a few frequently asked questions about fluoride treatments for children.

How Does Fluoride Protect My Child’s Teeth?

When your little one sips on juice or nibbles on a snack, acids in those foods and drinks soften the tooth enamel. Softened tooth enamel is especially susceptible to tooth decay which leads, as you might guess, to cavities. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to harden and protect young teeth.

Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?

You might have read online or heard from a friend that fluoride can be harmful or toxic. That’s simply not true, according to extensive research published by the CDC and similar organizations across the world. Most municipal water supplies in the United States are fluoridated and the only significant side effect was a dramatic decrease in cavities nationwide.

However, it’s important to note that accidentally ingesting large amounts of fluoride can cause fluorosis. This mostly cosmetic issue causes opaque white patches to appear on the teeth.

Why Don’t Adults Get Fluoride Treatments?

Unfortunately, this is mostly an insurance problem. Nearly all dental insurance plans cover fluoride treatments for children up to 14-18, but very few cover them for adults. This is unfortunate because not all adults get enough fluoride.

The good news is that you can request a fluoride treatment at your next checkup. They are relatively low-cost and will help protect your teeth for a healthier smile.


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