Ready for Bruxism Treatment?

bruxismblondeCan you tell that there is something wrong with your smile but you cannot quite figure it out? Consider these questions: Has anyone ever told you to stop grinding your teeth? Do your teeth feel extremely sensitive? Perhaps you have noticed that the surfaces of your teeth seem slightly worn. Or, maybe you are completely aware that when you feel tense, you tend to clench your teeth together tightly. If any of this is the case, you are likely suffering from a disorder called bruxism. You will need our help to diagnose the problem. Fortunately, if this concern does affect your oral health, we offer effective bruxism treatment to protect you from damage and to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms like jaw tension and headaches. Ready to learn more? Read further:

Why You Need Treatment

Imagine what happens when you grind your teeth together – or clench them – every single day or night. You are constantly wearing away your tooth tissue and placing enormous stress on your teeth. Though your teeth and surrounding supportive tissues – like your jaw joints and muscles – are strong, they do not have superpowers. Eventually, they will begin to suffer from damage as the result of continual stress and strain. To protect the structure, comfort, and health of your oral cavity and TMJs (jaw joints), bruxism treatment is essential.

About Treatment

Bruxism treatment may come in many forms. The most commonly suggested treatment includes the use of an oral appliance, such as a mouth guard, that you will wear during sleep. It will place a buffer between your top and bottom teeth, allowing you to sleep without grinding or clenching. Or, we may provide you with a device that gently realigns your jaw so you simply do not make a grinding motion. We may also take a closer look at your alignment and your bite. If it is unbalanced, this problem may result in daily grinding. We can repair these problems with either orthodontic treatment or by improving problems like poor filling or dental crown work.


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