Month: May 2015

Caring For Your Porcelain Veneers

Patients who choose porcelain veneers to dramatically improve their smiles usually carry a sense of excitement with them as they prepare for treatment. We find, however, that the feeling of patients often include a bit of hesitation or worry – after all, making the serious decision to receive veneers brings with it great responsibility, right?… Read more »

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Are you familiar with the benefits of dental bonding? If you’re looking for a way to address small problems that are causing you to feel unhappy with the look of your smile, bonding may offer you the improvements you want. Here’s how it works: We use composite – a synthetic resin – that we will… Read more »

Cowgirl Museum Exhibit

Have you long been a fan of cowboy art but found yourself wondering where all the cowgirl art has been hiding? Anyone interested in the history of the West will find this upcoming art event a truly interesting and inspiring experience.

Questions About Smile Whitening

Achieving a whiter smile is often at the forefront of many of our patients’ minds. A sparkling smile certainly carries with it a beautiful appearance, while allowing its wearer to appear more youthful and vibrant. The struggle for patients often centers on attempting to figure out which treatment is best suited to their needs. The… Read more »

Bruxism Symptoms: A True-or-False Quiz

Have you been noticing that your smile looks okay but it just doesn’t feel right? Perhaps your teeth are feeling fine but the surrounding structures like your jaw joints and the muscles in your face have been feeling sore. Before you assume that something unidentifiable and extreme is happening, we encourage you to learn more about bruxism…. Read more »

Your Questions About Dental Cleanings

One of the fundamental building blocks of excellent dental care is keeping your teeth and gums clean. Good hygiene and a clean mouth can help you avoid a long list of uncomfortable and problematic disorders and diseases, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Fortunately, to assist you in maintaining exceptional oral health, we offer… Read more »

Prairie Day in North Texas

Are you a pretty big fan of the lovely North Texas landscape? If so, you may wish to call up your friends, pile your family into the car, and head out for an enjoyable, family friendly day outdoors.

What to Expect: Dental Checkups

You are probably used to hearing dentists suggest that you schedule twice annual dental checkups. However, that does not necessarily mean you know what to expect. We often find that when patients feel knowledgeable about their upcoming visits, they feel much more enthusiastic and comfortable. Rather than waiting until your appointment to find out more,… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

You are probably well aware that we would like to see you consistently, so we can help you maintain your beautiful smile. However, that does not mean our passion for regular care translates into a feeling of enthusiasm on your side. Because we feel strongly that our patients should understand the significance of preventive dentistry,… Read more »

How Dental Technology Works For You

Have you ever wondered about the futuristic equipment and systems we have in our office? We outfit our practice with advanced dental technology to protect your oral health and to make your visits as effective and efficient as possible. While you are likely aware that we make decisions based on your needs and best interest,… Read more »