Prepare For Your Emergency Dentistry Visit

firstaidtoothThere’s nothing like the immediate pangs of panic that jolt through your body when a sudden accident occurs. The same is true for nearly any type of mishap. Even if you suddenly experience a sudden severe pain in your tooth, if you break a tooth, or if some other dental trauma occurs, you may find yourself scrambling to calm down and form a plan of action. Fortunately, as our patient, you can enjoy emergency dentistry visits when the unexpected happens. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong to prepare, we encourage you to learn more about how to best react when you suffer from a dental emergency. Consider the following:


First things first, you will need to relax. If you are going to make it safely to our practice, you will need to sit down and take a few deep breaths. If you feel like you are too anxious to drive yourself to see us, contact a trusted friend or family member and ask for a ride to our office.

Call Us

Call us immediately. If you are unsure whether your problem qualifies as a dental emergency, it’s pretty easy to decide. However, if you feel panicked and are unsure, call us anyway, so we can help you set up the best appointment time for your needs. In the meantime, think about the following:

  • If you are bleeding profusely or are worried for your life, it is a true medical emergency, not a dental emergency. In this case, contact 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.
  • If you are experiencing severe pain or a problem with your oral health that requires immediate care, it is a dental emergency.
  • If you are suffering from mild discomfort or a concern that can wait for a regularly scheduled appointment (without compromising your oral health) then it is probably not an emergency.


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