Questions About Smile Whitening

smilewhitegoldenhairAchieving a whiter smile is often at the forefront of many of our patients’ minds. A sparkling smile certainly carries with it a beautiful appearance, while allowing its wearer to appear more youthful and vibrant. The struggle for patients often centers on attempting to figure out which treatment is best suited to their needs. The easy part comes when you visit us for a cosmetic consultation. By coming in to speak with us about our treatments and your unique needs, we can collaborate with you to create a customized whitening plan to brighten your smile. In the meantime, consider the following questions and answers for a bit more information about teeth whitening:

Teeth Whitening: Questions and Answers

Question: Can I whiten my entire smile if I’m dealing with allover discoloration?

Answer: Yes. We offer teeth whitening solutions that rely on bleaching gel. We will either apply a system in our office to quickly brighten your smile or we will provide you with an at-home system that you may apply yourself over the course of approximately two weeks for equally stunning results.

Question: What if I just have one stained tooth?

Answer: If you’re dealing with a single tooth that requires whitening, we may suggest dental bonding, which will allow us to paint tooth-colored composite over the problem site. Or, we may suggest the placement of a porcelain veneer to whiten your tooth to match your surrounding teeth.

Question: Can you use teeth whitening on my prosthetics?

Answer: No. Teeth whitening systems are not formulated for use on dental prosthetics like veneers or porcelain crowns. However, if you feel strongly about whitening your teeth, we will provide you with other solutions, so you can achieve the brilliant, sparkling smile you deserve.

Question: Can you combine whitening with other treatments? What if what I really want is a smile makeover?

Answer: Yes, we can often combine a variety of cosmetic treatments to help you meet your teeth whitening and other smile goals. For instance, we may align your teeth with Invisalign, gently re-shape your teeth with contouring, and also brighten them with teeth whitening. However, for a comprehensive makeover that includes a whiter smile, we may simply suggest porcelain veneers.


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