The Benefits of Dental Bonding

benefitsrainbowAre you familiar with the benefits of dental bonding? If you’re looking for a way to address small problems that are causing you to feel unhappy with the look of your smile, bonding may offer you the improvements you want. Here’s how it works: We use composite – a synthetic resin – that we will “build up” to repair your smile. We will customize the color of the material to match your tooth and sculpt it according to your needs. Think bonding sounds amazing but you’re still curious about how it may benefit your smile? Learn more with the follow list of advantages:

Dental Bonding Benefits

  1. Improve Your Smile Uniformity. If your smile has a bunch of tiny imperfections here and there, those tiny details may add up to create a smile lacking uniformity. This is often true when you suffer from tiny chips, for instance. Or, you may deal with spaces between teeth or varying tooth lengths. Make improvements with dental bonding and you can enjoy a more uniform looking smile.
  1. Cover Stains and Other Blemishes. Do you have a single stain on your tooth? Perhaps you’re dealing with tiny cracks. Whatever the case, a layer of composite can quickly camouflage concerns for a tooth that looks good as new.
  1. Improve Tooth Length. A single tooth that looks shorter than its neighbors will cause a problem with consistency. We can extend the appearance of your tooth with dental bonding, so you can achieve the symmetry you desire.
  1. Avoid Orthodontic Treatment (In Some Cases). Dealing with tiny spaces between your teeth? If so, we can usually fill those gaps with composite, so neighboring teeth look like they touch one another. You may be able to avoid braces with this much simpler fix.


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