Month: June 2015

How Dental Technology Improves Your Smile

Gadgets have improved many aspects of our lives. From the television remote control to streamlined shopping, we interact with sophisticated computer programs and machinery every day. Our dental office takes pride in keeping current with tooth and mouth care innovations. Where dentists once depended on good lighting and keen eyesight to diagnose problems, we have… Read more »

Your Options With Dentures

Learning about dentures may not be something you’re interested in right off the bat. Why not? Well, we find that many patients have ideas about these prosthetics that simply are not accurate. For instance, patients assume all dentures come in one universal option to replace a full arch of teeth only. Or, they assume this… Read more »

Tooth Extraction: What To Expect

Is there something seriously wrong with your tooth? Perhaps root canal treatment has failed and we have suggested a tooth extraction to protect your mouth. Maybe your tooth became severely damaged recently and a crown is simply no match for the remains of your tooth tissue. Whatever the underlying issue, we are aware that this… Read more »

Star Wars and Beyond: Concert in the Garden

Have you seen every Star Wars film at least once? Perhaps three times each? Whether you’re a huge fan of the intergalactic series or if there’s just always been something about the out-of-this-world music that has caught your attention and won your heart, then you will truly enjoy this upcoming event in Fort Worth. Bring… Read more »

What To Expect From Root Canal Therapy

Are you hesitating to treat your infected tooth? If so, this feeling likely stems from the fact that you don’t know the much about root canal therapy and what you can expect. By demystifying a root canal treatment, you will quickly find that it is anything but a monster. Instead, you will see that the… Read more »

Dental Crown Placement: Your Questions

Have you recently discovered that you need a dental crown for your dental health concern? If so, a part of you may feel relieved that you have found a solution to end your discomfort and to address your damaged tooth. However, you may still have some lingering questions about what to expect from your experience… Read more »

Tooth Fillings 101

Your teeth are composed of layers of tissue, the outermost of which is called “enamel.” The wonderful thing about enamel is that it’s extremely strong and protects the deeper tissue layers, as well as the internal body of your tooth. Unfortunately, even though your enamel is strong, it is not completely immune to problems. Particularly… Read more »

Les Miserables in Fort Worth

Are you a huge fan of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables? Perhaps Fantine and Cosette’s experiences tug at your heartstrings enough for you to read the story and watch it on the big screen over and over. If so, you will be overjoyed to learn that you can now see it on the stage in your… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry 101

Have you been worrying about your smile? Perhaps you have been a bit too laid back when it comes to daily dental hygiene or scheduling preventive visits. Fortunately, if you are under the impression that your teeth may require some work to get your smile back to excellent health, we offer restorative dentistry to address… Read more »

Clearing Up Misconceptions: Invisalign Treatment

The idea of straightening your smile without the need for metal brackets on your teeth sounds like a dream come true to most patients. If you have been considering aligning your smile with Invisalign treatment, we are excited that you have chosen to move forward with orthodontic care, so you can feel good about your appearance. However,… Read more »