Benefits of Dental Contouring

smilestraightwhiteYou do not have to feel negatively about the way your smile looks – especially if the things you dislike can easily be remedied by removing a tiny bit of tooth tissue. Wondering how this might be possible? Fortunately, we offer a cosmetic treatment called dental contouring that polishes away tiny bits of tooth tissue, smoothing areas, while reshaping others. Does this sound like just the service you’ve been seeking out to help you feel wonderful about your smile’s appearance? Learn more about the benefits you can expect with the following information:

Dental Contouring Benefits

  • Improve Symmetry. Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks because it appears unbalanced? We can re-sculpt your teeth so your smile looks symmetrical again. This is often the result of uneven tooth lengths. For instance, you may find that most of your teeth line up but one or a handful of teeth appear longer than the rest. We may gently reduce the length of these too-long teeth for a uniform smile.
  • Address Overlapping Teeth. Does one of your teeth overlap its neighboring tooth? If the concern is minor, you may find that this interrupts an otherwise appealing smile. We may be able to reduce the amount of tissue on the top tooth, so your teeth look like they are situated appropriately side-by-side. Again, this will improve the uniform look of your smile.
  • Save Money. Contouring is cost-effective, particularly when compared with other cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers or braces. If we suggest dental contouring, you can rest assured that it is a budget-friendly solution to your esthetic concerns.
  • Save Time and Effort. You will typically only need to schedule a single appointment for your dental contouring. It’s a streamlined process that can result in dramatic improvement to your overall smile.
  • Remain Comfortable. You won’t need to worry about your comfort. Contouring is gentle and most patients find that they do not require an anesthetic.


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