Malocclusions: Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment?

womanquestionchalkTeeth develop in a wide variety of patterns. If your teeth are beautifully aligned once they develop and your bite is balanced then you will not require orthodontic treatment to improve your alignment. However, smiles sometimes form in less than ideal ways, which can negatively impact your comfort and your satisfaction with your appearance. For instance, you may not like the look of your smile and wish it appeared “straighter.” You may also find that your unbalanced bite causes discomfort while speaking, chewing, or even at rest. Ready to learn more about malocclusions and how we can help? Read the following:

What Does “Malocclusion” Mean?

Malocclusion means that your “occlusion” or the way your top and bottom jaws and teeth fit together is incorrect. Your teeth should fit together comfortably when you bite down, which will reflect a beautifully aligned smile. The problems that occur when your alignment is off may include one or more of the following:

  • Your smile will look crooked, asymmetrical, or simply displeasing
  • You may deal with dental hygiene problems as a result of open spaces or difficulty cleaning every tooth surface
  • You may suffer from TMJ disorder or bruxism as a result of your unbalanced bite –
  • this may cause teeth to consistently tap one another or may cause you to readjust your bite, thereby straining your jaw joints

Different Types of Malocclusions

We offer orthodontic treatment to address a variety of malocclusions. Keep in mind that even if your misalignment seems overwhelming to you, we have seen just about every smile pattern you can imagine. We are happy to help and seek out the best possible treatment solution to accommodate your needs. Common types of malocclusions include:

  • Over bite
  • Under bite
  • Open bite
  • Cross bite
  • Overcrowding
  • Spacing


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