Clearing Up Misconceptions: Invisalign Treatment

clearbracesblondeThe idea of straightening your smile without the need for metal brackets on your teeth sounds like a dream come true to most patients. If you have been considering aligning your smile with Invisalign treatment, we are excited that you have chosen to move forward with orthodontic care, so you can feel good about your appearance. However, we are not surprised to find out you still have some questions or that you have heard rumors, which you are having difficulty proving or disproving. Rather than relying on stories from friends or other types of hearsay, we invite you to take our professional expert advice instead. Look over the following misconceptions and truths for a better understanding of what you can expect from treatment:

Misconception #1: You Won’t Be Able to Speak Clearly

The Truth: You will be wearing clear aligner trays during your Invisalign treatment. These are trays that fit snugly over your teeth, custom-crafted out of super-thin, clear plastic. What’s this mean? It means that after a brief adjustment period, you will be able to speak clearly and articulately while you wear them.

Misconception #2: Invisalign Treats Only Mild Cosmetic Alignment Issues

The Truth: The truth of the matter is that Invisalign treatment addresses a variety of malocclusions, which means the misalignment of the way your teeth and jaws fit together. Rather than simply offering cosmetic improvement, Invisalign will address alignment problems affecting your entire smile. These may include overcrowding, spacing, open bite, under bite, over bite, and cross bite.

Misconception #3: Invisalign Is Very Expensive Compared To Metal Braces

The Truth: Invisalign is typically similar in cost to metal braces. You can expect to make the same general investment. In addition, both treatments are usually covered by insurance.


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